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Hello~ So here's what you really came for, right? Everything is neatly organized under the cut below.

Newest entries are at the top of the list.

FANART - Various Fandoms

"untitled as of yet" - Oska/Taesun (Secret Garden), G

"AOM" - Jaebum, G

FANART - Dong Bang Shin Ki

"coffee, grease, tears, and bowlcuts + grumpylovablesnarky" - YooMin, G

"Ride 'Em Cowboy" - Yunho, DBSK, R

"How Many Licks" - HoSu, PG-13 (NSFW)

(Untitled) - Changmin, G

"Black Tie Affair" - Yunho, G

"the gravity of our hearts" - Jaejoong, G

"La Ville Lumière" - MinSu, G

"Yeohaengi Collection" - Various, G-PG

"And Someday, I'm Gonna Be A Real Boy!" - YooSu, PG(-13)

"Blue" - Yoochun, G

"Makeup 101" - JaeHo, G

"Yunho's Missing Nipple" - JaeHo, YooSu, PG-13

"Yoochun's Two Belly Buttons" - YooSu, G

"Jejunko's Big Surprise" - JaeHo, PG

"Junsu Supreme" - YooSu, PG-13

"The Good Life" - JaeHo, G

"Shanghai" - HoMin, G

"A Pirate's Life!" - YooMin, PG-13

"Streetwise" - Jaejoong, PG

"Here and There" - Yunho, G

"Possession" - JaeHo, R

"Coffee" and "Ponder" - Yoochun, Junsu, G

"Happy Halloween!" - YooMin, G

"Of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and... Kpop?" - DBSK, G

"OT5 is ♥, but OT∞ Pwns All!" - OT5, OT∞, PG-13

"Winter YooSu!" - YooSu, G

"Choosey Lover Crackbaby" - MinFoodShades, JaeHo, YooSu, PG-13

"Dong Bangs Bearing Gifts" - DBSK, G

"CHANGMINNIE!" - Changmin, G

If you want to take these out to post elsewhere that's fine, you do not have to ask beforehand. However, I ask that you don't alter them in any way (cropping to icon is fine w/ credit), don't hotlink (upload them onto your own image host of choice please!), and please fully credit me (The Machine @ Soompi or

That's all for now, The Machine, over and out!

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