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Hello~ So here's what you really came for, right? Everything is neatly organized under the cut below.

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If you want to take these out to post elsewhere that's fine, you do not have to ask beforehand. However, I ask that you don't alter them in any way (cropping to icon is fine w/ credit), don't hotlink (upload them onto your own image host of choice please!), and please fully credit me (The Machine @ Soompi or machine_of_july.livejournal.com).

That's all for now, The Machine, over and out!

Mr. Min


machine_of_july the_machine

I'll add everyone back on the other LJ :D If you've wanted to cut me for a while, don't add me back and I'll unfriend you after a week or so. No hard feelings!

Also, I hope you guys can still follow me here too though! *pleading disgusting face* I've had several of you step up to the plate to harass me for more fanart, so I hope you'll keep your word.

Also, fingers crossed this will make me start posting more again.